A powerful connection to Country

Redlands Coast sits proudly on Quandamooka Country and an Aboriginal connection to country is a powerful part of our history. The Championing Redlands Coast research has highlighted the Queensland Government supported transition of Minjerribah from its past reliance on sand mining to a new future as a leading destination for cultural and eco-tourism.

The transition program, known as Minjerribah Futures, rests on a foundation of Quandamooka culture and sustainability. The Quandamooka People have a strong relationship with country and the program seeks to promote this rich history and achieve a Minjerribah that is environmentally pristine with a thriving economy. 


Individual Minjerribah Futures projects underway due for completion 2021 include:


  • QUAMPI (Quandamooka Art Museum and Performance Institute), Goompi (Dunwich)
  • Yalingbila Bibula (Whale on the Hill), Mulumba (Point Lookout)
  • Minjerribah Ganaba
  • Place markers, Pulan (Amity Point), Mulumba (Point Lookout) and Goompi (Dunwich)
  • Camping Facilities Upgrades
  • Nareeba Moopi Pa Aged Care
  • Recreational Trails
  • Land and Sea Rangers
  • Growing and promoting Quandamooka Festival
  • Goompi (Dunwich) Master Plan
  • Business capacity building
  • Visitor research survey
  • A must see destination