Redlands Industry Spolight

The Redlands Coast Industry Spotlight initiative was born in early 2021 as a result of Redlands Youth asking for a greater understanding of jobs available in the Redlands, insights into what working in various industries is “really like” and seeking further career guidance and career pathways information.

We plan to host a range of Redlands Industry Spotlight sessions in a range or Redlands Schools over the coming months and years.  Facilitating a greater connection between Redlands Industry and Redlands Youth.

The Redlands Coast Industry Spotlight initiative is very thankful for our Championing Redlands Coast Industry Partners continued support.


If you are from Industry and are interested in presenting at an Industry Spotlight Session or if you are from a Redlands school that would like to host a session please contact us on the below contact form to discuss further.

Civil Engineering – Spotlight

Presented by: Empower Engineers & Project Managers – part of the BMD Group of Companies

Hosted by: Carmel College 

Videography by : Celebrate Learning Student – Alex Nicholls


To watch the presentation video – please click here. 

Redlands Economy

If you want to learn more about the Redlands Economic Profile be sure to check out “Economy id” for a wide range of really insightful information and data.

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Redlands Industry Spotlight Contact Form - Get in touch if you would like to be involved with as a host school/group or as a presenting Industry representative

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