#A Bright Future Ahead

The Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce, through the Redlands Regional Jobs Committee, has partnered with local & state government and industry to deliver the Championing Redlands Coast (‘CRC’) initiative. The program seeks to develop a platform to work collaboratively in helping to shape a clear narrative and vision for Redlands Coast that showcases the potential of the region and provides certainty for local businesses, investors and the community that the city is working towards a common goal. 

In mid 2020, Championing Redlands Coast engaged respected economist RPS group to undertake detailed research, engaging with industry and business within the region. Click here to learn more about the research piece and the findings.

The research sought to:

  • Understand the city’s project and infrastructure pipeline;
  • Identify employment and skilling opportunities;
  • Attract investment and business;
  • Assist in strategic direction and decision making; and,
  • Help implement community and economic initiatives to improve the local economy overall.

In addition the industry research, the Championing Redlands Coast report received 42 surveys, directly interviewed 17 major project proponents and undertook 8 exit interviews.

The project identified 138 projects, $6billion in capital value and 12,250 construction job years. This assisted in building the vision for the Redlands Coast. 

The Redlands Coast Vision

By 2032, the Redlands Coast region will be recognised as one of the most dynamic, prosperous, competitive and sustainable economies in South East Queensland and Australia. Residents and businesses will take pride in being part of the Redlands Coast region and will champion the progress of the region and its prospects.

The Redlands Coast economy will be diverse and innovative, leveraging the natural environment, Bay islands and coastal location to attract and retain export-oriented businesses and skilled and educated workers.

Targeted development in strategic sectors, coupled with catalytic transport, sporting, tertiary education and health investment will make Redlands Coast a destination of choice for families and businesses alike. This investment will generate and support valuable and meaningful employment and competitive economic opportunities for future generations.

What’s needed?

A Coordinated, Strategic Approach

The research identified that the Redlands Coast exists within a highly competitive region where other Local Governments are actively seeking to encourage the relocation of Redlands businesses out of the region and to capture new businesses and investments considering Redlands as a potential destination.

Maximising the competitiveness of the Redlands Coast requires more than leveraging the region’s natural environment and coastal amenity.

Redlands Regional Jobs Committee Icon

a coordinated and strategic approach to investment attraction and retention across all economic development agencies and stakeholders

a uniform and universal economic development brand with strong community and business buy-in

a dedicated and resourced agency to proactively position the Redlands Coast as the destination of choice of new investment and businesses.